Nifty Walks

I’ve lived in and around Newbury most of my life. I wanted to get fit, so I started going on walks. I used an app on my phone to record my position. I entered the recorded data into to Google Maps. If you view the Google Maps on your phone, the map shows a little Blue Dot where you are. You can be reasonably sure you are following the right route. I soon exhausted most of the easy walks I could find around Newbury so I ventured further afield. I use Google Earth pro to show footpaths and bridleways within each surrounding County, downloading the data from the various council websites. If you’re interested in building your own walks using my method, then contact me and I can run through it with you. One of my favourite walks is a 12 mile Circular walk around Newbury. I found the various sections, and walked them individually, about 4 to 6 miles in length. Once I was happy that I had a good route, I arranged a day to walk the whole 12 miles. I mentioned it on Facebook and only one person turned up! He was a very athletic type and went at it like a bull at a gate! I’m quite competitive, and I forced myself to keep up with him, the effort nearly did me in!